Monday, December 7, 2015

a little good is better than none

when timothy mcveigh committed the oklahoma city bombing, we started asking everyone who bought lots of fertilizer if they actually had a farm. we have to present an i.d. when we buy cold medicine because no one wants a meth lab in their neighborhood. when one fellow wore tennies with a prize inside, we all started taking our shoes off at the airport, because only superman can fly without an airplane.

somewhere between 75% and 85% of us agree that universal background checks are a good thing. they won't solve everything, but they will solve some things, and solving some things is better than what we have now. anyway, what plan in the history of our species has ever solved everything? and when did it become okay to let horrible things happen because we didn't have a perfect plan?

it's not even hard to do something about it: just contact your mayor, governor, and members of congress. tell them that you will make it your goal in life to unseat them if they don't straighten this shit out. that's what we pay them for, right?

isn't it time we got our money's worth?